Sugar: Hidden Poison?

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Most of us are aware that moderate to high quantities of sugar are not particularly healthful, especially for our children.

The problem, however, is that sugar goes under so many hidden names, and that it is in almost everything we eat.

And the Telegraph pointed out another scary point recently: most supposed “health” bars are loaded with so many sugars that they completely negate any health benefits of these products.

Noggin Nosh contains no added sugars of any kind

The ‘trendy’ zero calorie sweeteners were not an option for the Noggin Nosh bar because they are either chemically derived or highly processed; no one really knows the long term effect they have on our bodies.

There are prominent scientists that now believe these zero calorie sweeteners trick our bodies into over-producing insulin like simple sugars do, as the film ‘Fed Up’ recently highlighted.

Whole food, natural dates on the other hand have been eaten for 7000-8000 years as a prized food source and medicinal reasons.

But why does it say 10g of ‘sugar ‘on our label?

Do not fear the 10g of ‘sugars’ on the Nutritional Facts panel.

This from our whole organic dates. These are naturally occurring fruit sugars. We do not refine the dates in any way, and leave all the fiber and other health aspects of the fruit completely intact.

This was deliberate for the reasons to follow:

10g are less than what are in an apple, an orange, or a cup of blueberries and is the right amount for a healthy snack if it is in the source of a whole food fruit.

There are ‘sugars’ and there are ‘sugars.’ Common table sugar wreaks havoc on our health. The natural, whole food, fruit sugars that are in dates are low glycemic and nature intentionally placed them there as they have an important role to play in cellular communication and cellular health.

These natural sugars in dates are called glyconutrients (plant carbohydrates that are considered nutritional supplements derived from plants) and they assist in the transport and absorption of other nutrients that are in the Noggin Nosh bar as well as the other nutrients in dates such as calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium.

Dates also play a role in intestinal health with the high fiber and amino acid content; the organic sulfur in them fight allergies; the iron in them fights anemia; the potassium in them boosts nervous system health; and the numerous other minerals in them promote healthy bones.

The Bottom Line

Well, unless you live with Seven Dwarves and your name is Snow White, that apple is unlikely to kill you. But refined sugars might.